​​Shampoo Bath- All our premium shampoos are tearless, ph balanced, vitamin infused, and protein enriched for a clean shiny coat you and your pet will love. We offer oatmeal and hypoallergenic shampoo for our more sensitive pups. Ask about our conditioning treatment formulated to soften skin and moisturize hair.

By-Hand Blow Dry – No cage dryers here, we blow dry your pet by hand.

Check & Clean Ears – We use a gentle sanitizing solution to cleanse your pets’ ears

Nail Trim – We will trim and file your pets’ nails.

Haircut & Style – Our experienced and knowledgeable pet stylists are familiar with all breeds and trends and will cut your pets’ hair just the way you like it. We groom cats too!

Anal Gland Check – Our staff will check, and express your dog’s glands when needed to ensure your dog’s health and wellbeing.​​

We offer a variety of grooming services by professionally trained pet stylists. With over 25 years of experience, you can have the peace of mind knowing your

bark ' n' baby is going to leave here happier, healthier, and groomed in style.

Walk In Services...

Nail Trim & File     -     Express Anal Gland     -    Ear Clean     -     Eye Clean     -     Sanitary Trim

​​dog cat grooming in Scottsdale


Dog And Cat Grooming 

Customize your pet's experience...

Teeth Brushing

​Let us help brush your pups teeth!  Our toothpaste is safe and formulated for your dogs teeth.

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The FURminator® deshedding treatment helps reduce shedding. It is great for dogs with an under coat. Perfect for summer time or year round maintenance to help with all that extra hair!

Full Service Pet Grooming